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Hanging Weight: $4.00/lb + Proccessing Fee

Our cattle are raised on the pasture, free to graze as they please. They are fed a naturally balanced diet aimed to support growth and development without adding growth promotant hormones or antibiotics. The method we use to raise our animals has proven to increase the quality of meat and the quality of life for all our animals.  


Dry Aged Process: 

Dry Aging is an old practice which has fallen into disuse. It is an important factor in getting the best quality meat. Our dry aged beef is typically aged for 19 to 21 days.


During the dry aging process enzymes in the meat naturally change the muscle fibers which makes the meat more tender, increases the quality of flavor and adds to the meat's juiciness.


Interested in ordering a whole, half, or quarter?

Click our contact us page and let us know what you would like!! 


We also offer retail cuts sold at the farm and farmers markets in the local area, check our Facebook page for farmers market information!