17423 W Hunnicut Rd
Cambridge City, Wayne County 47327

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Our Operation

Our farm is centrally located in Indiana; take I-70 East out of Indianapolis, Exit 131 New Lisbon, If you reach Richmond, you have gone too far. We operate a 100+ acre operation. The land is used primarily for a rotation of soy beans and corn. We also raise cattle and hogs on pasture. We offer a local source with accountability for the welfare and processing of the animal. We feed a naturally balanced diet to ensure proper health, while always offering free choice grass and hay. We do not use growth promotant hormones or antibiotics. Nonetheless, if an animal becomes ill, they are treated with antibiotics, but we wait the allotted withdrawal period before harvesting the animal. We are always checking on our animals to ensure they are healthy and safe. Our philosophy is that a healthy, happy, animal provides a better tasting product. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask!